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HIS 401: Historical Research and Writing: Books and Films

Useful Historiography Sources

Useful Books

Reference books are useful for identifying people, places, events, dates, etc.  Many articles in reference books include a bibliography of recommended sources.  This is a small sample of the reference books that may be useful.

Searching the Library Catalog for Books and Movies

The library provides access to more than 200,000 books from a variety of sources, including print and ebooks. To find books by author, title, subject, or keyword search McGovern Library's Catalog.

Possible subject searches:

  • "Tet Offensive"
  • "Vietnam War 1961-1975"
  • "Vietnam Huế"
  • "McNamara, Robert S. 1916-2009"
  • "Westmoreland, William C. 1914-2005"
  • "Army of the Republic of Viet Nam"
  • Khe Sanh, Battle of Vietnam 1968

With keyword searches try combining

  • "1961-1975"
  • "1968"

with locations or terms such as

  • "Vietnam"
  • "Viet Nam"

Limit by publication year to see the most recently published or contemporary sources.

Limit Audience to "Not Juvenile" to locate more academic titles.

Khe Sanh, Battle of (Vietnam : 1968)

Useful Movies

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