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HIS 401: Historical Research and Writing: Online Resources

Archival Resources


Images of invasion forces along the French coast taken from an Allied aircraft on June 6, 1944:

Image of Allied bombing craters and a destroyed bridge - taken from the air on June 8, 1944:

Image of one of the “mulberry” artificial harbors built off the coast of Normandy to allow large Allied ships to dock and unload supplies and troops:

Normandy Campaign photos from the World War II database:


Detailed map showing the D-Day invasion plan, the disbursed Allied military encampments in Great Britain and the locations of German military divisions and commanders in France:

Maps of the final Operation Overload plan showing the beaches of Normandy, the Allied forces in Great Britain, drop zones for Allied airborne troops, and Allied glider routes:

Normandy Campaign maps from the World War II database:

Maps of German defenses along the coast of Normandy:

Military History Sites

Eisenhower Archives

Film Resources

Personal Narratives

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