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iMovie and Creating Videos: Planning Your Movie

Plan, create, and edit a movie using the storyboard technique and iMovie.

Storyboarding Basics

Before you ever start recording and editing your video, it is important to plan out what you would like to say and where your video is going.  An easy way to plan a video is by storyboarding. 

Storyboarding is commonly used in Hollywood and the film industry, providing a detailed roadmap for creators to follow.

What is Storyboarding?

A storyboard is a sketch of how to organize a story and a list of its contents.  A storyboard helps you define the parameters of a story within available resources and time, organize and focus a story, figure out what medium to use for each part of the story.

Storyboards include:

  • Drawings, sketches, reference images, and/or photographs to represent each frame. 
  • Description of the shot including any relevant information on the action, dialogue, or composition.
  • Arrows to indicate camera and/or character movement or how each shot connects to the next.

Examples of Storyboards

Tom & Jerry
The Little Orphan (1949)


Edge of Tomorrow (2014)


Jurassic Park (1993)

Storyboarding for the Non-Artist

Storyboarding for People Who Can't Draw (Like Me!)
by Indy Mogul; Video Length (6:31)
Direct Video Link

5 Tips for More Useful Storyboards
by Videomaker; Video Length (3:37)
Direct Video Link

Storyboard Templates

Download and print out a storyboard template, or use the template as a guide to create your own.

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