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SCI 141: Foundations of Science: Kahoot Poll

Kahoot! Poll
Questions & Responses
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Class Results

During class, you took a Kahoot! Poll that asked you about how you receive information and news.
Here is how the class responded. 

Question 1
What social media app do you use the most?

53% - Snapchat
20% - Twitter or Facebook
12% - Instagram
8% - Snapchat

Question 2
Do you use social media to find news?

59% - Yes
35% - No
2% - My parents tell me the important highlights of the day
2% - What news?

Question 3
When you get the news (or current events) on social media, where is it from?

65% - Twitter or Facebook
12% - Instagram
10% - Tik Tok
10% - Snapchat

Question 4
Do you go to news websites or apps to find news? (KELO, Wall Street Journal, Forbes, etc.)

57% - Yes
27% - No 
8% - For School Only
2% - They have websites?

Question 5
When you come across information, do you verify its accuracy?

49% - If it seems fishy I will
20% - Always, because I don't trust anyone
16% - Only if its from someone untrustworthy 
8% - No, because my family and friends give me the information 

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