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BIO 120: Principles of Biology I: In Class Activity

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BioMed Research International Article

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Vitamin C and the Common Cold Activity

Your mom always says: If you have a cold, take vitamin C.
This will help shorten the length of your cold and you'll feel better sooner.

Scenario: You found three (3) articles that talk about taking vitamin C when you have a cold. One came across your social media feed, one was sent to you from a classmate, and one was found through a Google search. You click into the articles and read what the experts and health officials are saying about the link between vitamin C and the common cold. 

As a Group:

  1. Determine which of the sources are good and can help you to answer the question: Does vitamin C help to reduce the length and severity of the common cold?
  2. Justify why you said a source was good or not.
    • Create a list of things you looked for to determine if the information was good and useful to you.
    • Explain how you verified this information. 

Article #1: "Does vitamin C help with the common cold?" from McMaster University's Blog

Optimal Aging Portal Blog Team. (2014, Sept 21). Does vitamin C help with the common cold? McMaster Optimal Aging Portal.

Article #2: "Vitamin C as a Supplementary Therapy in Relieving Symptoms of the Common Cold: A Meta-Anyalysis of 10 randomized Controlled Trials" from BioMed Research International

Ran, L., Zhao, W., Wang, H., Zhao, Y., & Bu, H. (2020). Vitamin C as a Supplementary Therapy in Relieving Symptoms of the Common Cold: A Meta-Analysis of 10 Randomized Controlled Trials. BioMed Research International, 1–9.

Article #3: "Vitamin C for Colds - Does It Actually Work?" from Healthline 

Gunnars, K. (2018, Apr 24). Vitamin C for Colds - Does It Actually Work? Healthline.

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