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Information Literacy Activities: Ghosts


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Articles from Databases

The Relationship Between Paranormal Beliefs and Religious Beliefs

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The Ghost Story: From Custom to Campfire

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Can Ghosts Teach Us Anything?

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"Sensible Proof of Spirits": Ghost Belief During the Later Seventeenth Century

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"Am I Going to See a Ghost Tonight?": Gettysburg Ghost Tours and the Performance of Belief

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Creation and Validation of the Belief in the Supernatural Scale

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A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens

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Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier 

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Dooligan's Ghost!

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Ghosts Trailer

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The Spirits of the Whaley House

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A Scientific Approach to the Paranormal

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Open Network Articles and Webpages (Google)

18% of Americans Say They've Seen a Ghost

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Why I Believe in Ghosts - And Why You Should Too

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Ghosts Definitely Don't Exist Because Otherwise the Large Hadron Collider Would Have Found Them, Claims Brian Cox

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The Top Three Scientific Explanations for Ghost Sightings

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Quarantining With a Ghost? It's Scary

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Ghosts Are Not Real

Heitman, K. (2019, October 28). Ghosts are not real. The Crimson White.

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