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Summer Course Resources : Searching on the Web

Are you enrolled in a summer course? The 'Summer Course Resources' guide is a one-stop resource providing information, resources, and more for your summer courses.

Before You Start Your Google Search

Many of us go to Google when we search for information.
And Google is a great tool, but it becomes even better when we know how to make it work for us. 

Explore the information below to learn how to best use Google (and the internet overall) and start searching like a pro!

Quick Links for Internet Searches

Explore the Full Guide

Link McGovern Library to Google Scholar

Before you start searching Google Scholar, take a moment to link McGovern Library.  By doing this, Google Scholar will allow you to access more scholarly articles (those that are held behind paywalls) by searching the McGovern Library databases.  If an article is held by McGovern Library, you will be redirected to the library's catalog record of the article, and asked to sign-in if accessing the material while off campus. 

Step 1: Go to Google Scholar (

Step 2: Open up the menu button (the 3 lines located in the top left corner)

Step 3: Open up the "Settings" feature within the menu

Step 4: Click on Library Links and type in "Dakota Wesleyan University" in the search box

Step 5: Check the box "Dakota Wesleyan University, McGovern Library - McGovern Library Fulltext" and save

Step 6: You will be redirected to the Google Scholar homepage where you can begin searching

If an article is owned and held by McGovern library, a link entitled "McGovern Library Fulltext" will be provided by Google and located to the right of the article title and description. Click on the link to be redirected to the Library's Catalog where you can view the full text article. 

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