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McGovern Library: Collections

Library Collections

McGovern Library houses several collections both within the library and online.  Learn more about the collections below. 

Print Collection

The print collection contains over 250,000 books and current periodical subscriptions. McGovern Library has over 200,000 eBooks and over 40,000 online films. Additionally, the library provides DWU students, faculty, and staff access to over 100 online databases, providing access to nearly 43,000 full-text journals and magazines.

Media Collection

The media collections at McGovern Library consists of Blu-Ray discs, DVDs, videotapes, CDs, audio cassettes, record albums, films, slides, audio-visual kits, and curriculum kits. These may be checked out at the Circulation Desk. 

Special Collections 

McGovern Library houses various collections made up of both print and non-print materials. These collections are uniquely curated and provide focused materials that support the main collection's scope. 

Margaret Teufel Children's Collection 
The Margaret Teufel Children's Collection, an endowed collection of children fiction and non-fiction.  The collection is located on the second floor and supports the education department’s studies of juvenile literature and the reading needs of little Tigers.

Boyajian Civil War Collection
The Boyajian Civil War Collection consists of materials focusing on the United States Civil War, providing in-depth resources on the conflict. The collection was donated by DWU Alumni Andrew Boyajian, and his located on the second floor of the library. 

Jennewein Western History Library
The Jennewein Western History Library consists of Western literature and history books, both fiction and non-fiction and was founded by DWU History Professor, Leonard Jennewein, by a donation of his personal library. The collection additionally contains papers and photographs located in the University Archives. The collection is located on the second floor of the library. 

Digital Library of South Dakota
The library’s digital collections highlights materials from archives including University Archives, McGovern Collection, and Case collection. The digital collections are accessed via the Digital Library of South Dakota.

Dakota Wesleyan University Archives
The Dakota Wesleyan University Archives are housed on the second floor of the library. More information about the Archives can be found under the Archives Tab

Senator George McGovern Collection
The Senator George McGovern Collections contains photographs, 1972 presidential campaign memorabilia, personal and political files and papers, manuscripts, and more. 

Senator Francis Case Collection
The Senator Francis Case Collection contains letters and other papers, books and government documents from Case's congressional career.

Other Collections
The Dakota Wesleyan University Archives has a variety of smaller collections including the Jedediah Smith Collection, Badger Clark Collection, and Preacher Henry Weston Smith memorabilia.

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