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Mathematics: American Mathematical Society Citations

American Mathematical Society Style Citations

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AMS Style Guide
Learn from the AMS citation style directly from the authors.  This guide provides guidance and examples to assist in formatting mathematical equations and information within academic papers. 


American Statistical Association Style Guide
This guide provides assistance with formatting a full paper, references, and more. 

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About AMS (American Mathematical Society) Style

The AMA citation style refers to the citation format established by the American Mathematical Society to assist in formatting mathematical equations and information within academic papers. 

Always check with your professor to determine which citation style you should use before beginning your paper or project. 


Learn more about creating citations by visiting
the library's the Citing Sources guide.

AMA Style Examples

In text Reference Example

[3]  - With AMS in-text citations, the # sign corresponds to the author listed alphabetically in the references at end of article.

Journal Article with One Author
[3] S. Dostoglou, S.: On the asymptotics of the finite energy solutions of the Yang-Mills-Higgs equations, Journal of Mathematical Physics31, 2490-2496 (1990). 

Journal Article with Multiple Authors
[2] S. Carstensen, E.P. Stephan, Adaptive boundary-element methods for transmissions problems, Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications106, 367-413 (1985).

Book with One Author

[1] C.P. Bruter, Mathematics and Art, Springer, Paris, 2002.

Book with Multiple Authors

[4] N. Lesmoir-Gordon, M, Frame, B. Mandelbrot, N. Neger, Mandelbrot's World of Fractals, Key Curriculum Press, 2005.

Web Page
[5] G.P. Michon. Final answers: Perimeter of an ellipse (updated May 17, 2011)

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