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Take A Break: Winter

Take a break with this guide, filled with activity sheets, puzzles, craft ideas, and more.
Take a Break this Winter and Escape
Explore different ways to take a break, escape the world for a bit, and relax!

Digital Escape Rooms

What is an Escape Room?

The Escape Game Blog gives a great definition and walk through of what an escape room is.  

"You and your team will assemble in a themed room and will have to complete your mission and “escape” the room. A successful escape will require you to find hidden clues and solve challenging puzzles throughout the room. So take a look underneath the rug or sift through the books on the shelves, and take a closer look at all those paintings on the wall. You may find a string of numbers you need for a combination lock or a good old-fashioned key for a padlock. Everywhere you look is a potential clue to get out of an escape room or riddle waiting to be solved. But hurry, the clock starts ticking the moment you enter the escape room!"

Online Escape Rooms

Check out these online Escape Rooms that you can play through for free.  Play on your own or join up with a friend to escape through and into these adventures!

Escape from Wonderland Digital Escape Room
Created by Erin Honeycutt, the Children's Librarian at Moultrie-Colquitt County Library System in Moultrie, Georgia, this escape room is based on the story of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, by Lewis Carroll. Also referenced are movie adaptations of the book--Walt Disney's Alice in Wonderland and Alice in Wonderland.

Hogwarts Digital Escape Room
Created by Sydney Krawiec, Youth Services Librarian at Peters Township Public Library in McMurray, Pennsylvania.  Step into the world of Harry Potter with this Escape Room.  The creators say that you can complete this escape room as a group or as individual. You can compete against friends and try it multiple times. Just make sure you have fun!

Minecraft Escape Room
Created by Laura Escamilla, the Youth Services Librarian at the Regency Park Library in New Port Richey, Florida, this is a Minecraft themed Escape Room that you can complete with your family, as an individual, or against your friends!

Spy Apprentice Digital Escape Room
Created by Lauren Rura and Felicia Brock, Adult Service Librarians at Washington-Centerville Public Library in Centerville, Ohio, this escape room places you in the role of spy.  This escape room can be done as a group or by yourself and you can replay and/or share it as many times as you like! The clues are pretty difficult, so it is probably the most fun for groups with teens and adults. They recommend that you time yourself and see how fast you can solve all the puzzles. And don't forget to check out the sequel here!

Winter Bucket List

Why Create a Bucket List?

Bucket Lists are great ways of going outside your comfort zone, escaping the rut of the everyday, and doing things you never thought to do!  Below are some winter bucket list ideas. 

Winter Bucket List Ideas

  1. Relax by the fireplace
    • Check out the fireplace in Tiger Café
  2. Learn a new skill
    • Such as knitting or playing an instrument
  3. Make homemade hot chocolate
  4. Do an outdoor activity
    • Try skiing, tubing, sledding, etc.
  5. Build a snowman
    • And while you're at it, make a snow angel
  6. Take a walk in the snow 
    • But make sure you're bundled up
  7. Go ice skating
    • Just watch out for thin ice
  8. Have a baking extravaganza
    • Try making something new or share a favorite with a friend
  9. Make homemade marshmallows
  10. Volunteer in the community
    • Or donate items you are no longer using

Build a Blanket Fort

What is a Blanket Fort?

Wikipedia states "A blanket fort is a construction commonly made using blankets, bed sheets, pillows, and sofa cushions. It is also known as a couch fort, pillow fort or sheet fort."  A blanket or pillow fort is a throwback to childhood (and they are fun to make)!

Escape back to a simpler time and build an epic blanket fort. 

Supplies Needed

  • light blankets, spare sheets, beach towels, and tablecloths
  • sofa cushions
  • laundry clips, clothespins, binder clips, or chip clips
  • string, wire, or yarn
  • Dictionaries, phone books, or other heavy (non-breakable) items

How to Build a Blanket Fort

Wondering what the best way to build a blanket fort is? Never fear, because there are instructions galore across the internet showing how best to construct a blanket fort. Check out a few below.

Wiki-How's "How to Make A Blanket Fort"
This guide walks through how to make the perfect Blanket fort in three simple parts. Pictures are included to provide a visual on how the fort is supposed to look.

BuzzFeed Nifty's video "How to Make the Coziest Blanket Fort Ever"
They might be a bit cheesy but BuzzFeed Nifty is onto something with their video on how to create a cozy blanket fort. Watch the full video below.

Coloring Pages from Crayola

What better to escape the stresses of adult life in college that to step back to your childhood and work on a coloring page.  These winter themed coloring pages will take you back in time for a quick escape. 

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