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UNI 101: Library Scavenger Hunt: Getting Started

UNI 101 - Scavenger Hunt

The Spring 2023 Scavenger Hunt will be filled out online through a Canvas Quiz. 


  1. You will be assigned a small group within your UNI 101 section.
  2. Before you begin your quiz, you will explore the library's building and snap selfies with your group in a variety of places.
    • These photos will be uploaded as answers to certain quiz questions, so make sure they are either shared by your group or on the device you will be taking the quiz on. 
  3. One of your group members will open up the Canvas quiz on their device.
    • Remember to have your group's selfies on their device for easy uploads. 
  4. On a second device, have this guide open and ready to use!
  5. Answer the quiz questions, using the library's website and guides to help you along the way. 
  6. Follow the prompts and answer the questions and upload your group's selfies when prompted. 
  7. Use this guide to help you when you are stuck.
    • Check out the "Library Building" and "Library Online" tabs for tips, hints, and additional information to help answer the scavenger hunt questions. 
  8. Submit your scavenger hunt through Canvas Quizzes.
    • If you have questions, don't forget to reach out to the librarians for assistance. 

During the Scavenger Hunt, you will be:

  • Exploring the library's building with your group and taking selfies around the library. 
    • Please be courteous to those who are using the library for studying and school work. Do not disturb others to get that 'perfect shot'. 
  • Answering questions about the library and the resources found within.
    • If you are stuck and not sure where to find an answer, look at the "Library Building" and "Library Online" tabs.  These will provide tips and hints to help you answer the scavenger hunt questions. 
    • Additional resources will also be located within these tabs, so check them out!
    • If you are still stuck or if something is not working, please reach out to the librarian. 
  • Searching the library's website. 
    • The library's website is home to the library's catalog (where you can find available books), databases (where you can search for academic articles), guides (like this one, which provide information and assistance), and more. 
  • Having fun while you learn about the library.
    • Be creative with your photos and have fun!  Find new areas and spaces within the library and learn what is available for you to use during your time at DWU.

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